Veterans and ROTC

Financial Aid and the Yellow Ribbon Program

Financial Aid

Stanford is fully committed to making a Stanford education affordable through its generous need-based financial aid policies.

You are encouraged to review Undergraduate Basics to get a better understanding of how our need-based financial aid program works. Typically, military veterans are considered independent of parental financial support, meaning that financial need will be calculated according to your individual income and assets without regard to parents' financial circumstances.

Questions about our financial aid policies can be directed to the Financial Aid Office at (650) 723-3058 or at

GI Bill Educational Benefits & the Yellow Ribbon Program

All students who are eligible to receive benefits under the Post 9/11 GI Bill (or any prior GI Bill) will be certified to the Department of Veterans Affairs by the Office of the University Registrar. In many cases educational benefits from the GI Bill will not be the sole financial support Stanford may offer and should be viewed as complementary to our generous aid policies. All GI Bill benefits, including those awarded by the Yellow Ribbon Program, will be coordinated with the need-based aid package that is determined for you by the Stanford Financial Aid Office.

Stanford University is proud to take part in the Yellow Ribbon Program that allows us to make additional funds available for students' education programs without additional charges to their GI Bill entitlement. Stanford University is committed to honoring all undergraduate students who receive the full entitlement of the Post 9/11 GI Bill with a contribution starting at $10,000 per year. The Department of Veterans Affairs will match this amount in addition to the base tuition, fee and living expense allowances for which the student is qualified. For more information on the Yellow Ribbon Program or activating your Veterans Benefits at Stanford, consult with the VA Certifying Officer at

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