Transfer Applicants

After Submitting Your Application

Thank you for taking the time to submit an application to Stanford! 

Once we receive your application, you will be sent an acknowledgment email with instructions on how to log into your Stanford portal to check the status of your application. This message will be sent to the same email address that you used to submit your application. 

The Stanford portal is where you can update your application and check to see if we have received required materials such as your transcript and letters of recommendation. This is also where you will log in to view your admission decision letter.

Frequently Asked Questions

Check your Promotions or Spam folders for an email with the subject line "Your Stanford Application." If you still cannot locate the email, it’s possible that your acknowledgment email bounced, and we may only have one email address for you. Please email with an alternative email address, your Common Application ID number and the email address you used to apply, so that we can resend your acknowledgment email. We recommend using a non-school email address that you check frequently.

Materials submitted by others, including school officials and testing agencies, may take several weeks to process. If your checklist is not complete by the deadline, simply continue to check your Stanford portal regularly until we have received all items. Once we process all materials, we will contact you if you are still missing a required material.

No; due to variation in time zones, your submission time stamp timestamp may show a date and time after the deadline. No need to worry. As long as you have received a Stanford acknowledgment email, we have your application.

No; there may be a delay for payments to post to your account (especially for international applicants). As long as you submit your application by the deadline and have the transaction receipt, your application will be received. We will accept the payment when it is posted, and no need to worry if the posting is after the deadline. As long as you have received a Stanford acknowledgment email, we have your application.

As a standard practice, we offer a grace period after the application deadline during which recommenders/school officials may submit application materials. Please remind your recommender/school official to submit the materials as soon as possible. Continue to check your Stanford portal until we have received all items.

We strongly prefer online submission through the Common Application. If your recommender is unable to submit a letter or other required documents online, then they may send the document as an email attachment to Please ensure that your full legal name, school name and date of birth are included on the required documents and in the email message.

If you need to have a letter of recommendation emailed to us, please have your recommender also indicate the type of recommendation (e.g., counselor, teacher, optional) in the email.

For a high school transcript to complete the checklist item, it must include a graduation date and be translated to English. If your transcript has already been sent without a graduation date or was not translated to English, please have your school official send an updated version meeting these criteria.

If you earned the equivalent of a high school diploma, please have an official copy of the proof of high school equivalency sent to so that your checklist will be updated. Please ensure that your full legal name, school name and date of birth are included on the required documents and in the email message.

Application Updates

We do not accept uploaded documents. If you would like to add new information to your application, you may do so by logging in to your Stanford portal and describing your updates in the textbox provided in the "Update Application" link.

We do not accept or process supplementary materials. If, however, you would like to provide more detail about your academic program, activities, honors or background, you are welcome to use the Additional Information section in the application.

Email to request a change to your name or date of birth. In addition to the requested correction, please include your Common Application ID, full name, high school and date of birth as submitted in your application. Please note that if you are contacting us about a change to your legal name, you will need to provide verification.

Log in to your Stanford portal and use the "Edit Addresses" feature. Any change you make there will be reflected in your application record. Please note that every applicant must have a permanent address.

Do not send your Social Security number in an email or form. Please call 650-723-2091 to request an update to your reported Social Security number.


To withdraw your application to Stanford, please log in to your Stanford portal and submit the Withdraw Application form.

Updated on July 27, 2023 1:55 PM