Our Selection Process

Admission Statistics

(as of August 2017)

These statistics give a general picture of the applicants and admits. We caution you against a narrow interpretation of this data. We are providing it because we are often asked to evaluate an applicant's chances of admission based on certain criteria. To make such a judgment without reviewing an entire application is impossible, but the following information may prove useful to you. Bear in mind that an applicant in the top of one group may not be in the same position on another measure and that the rigor of academic programs varies considerably among schools.

Overview for the Class of 2021

  • Total Applicants: 44,073
  • Total Admits: 2,085
  • Total Enrolled: 1,708

First-Year Enrolled Student Profile for the Class of 2021

Class Overview

  • 69 home countries and 48 states are represented
  • 10.7% are international citizens representing 60 countries
  • 72 languages are spoken at home
  • 17% are first generation college students

Gender Balance

  • Women: 51%
  • Men: 49%

School Type

  • Public: 59%
  • Private: 29%
  • International: 12%
  • Home School: <1%

SAT Middle 50% Test Scores

  • SAT Math Section: 700-780
  • SAT Evidence-Based Reading and Writing: 690-760

ACT Middle 50% Test Scores

  • ACT Composite: 32-35

Other Years

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