Undergraduate Education


Students have the freedom to develop independence and chart their own personal journey in a supported environment. They are encouraged to seek advising early and often from many different sources through our multiple mentor model.

Academic Advisors

The Office of Academic Advising provides comprehensive academic advising and research opportunities that enable students to chart their own educational journey and make the most of their undergraduate experience at Stanford. Every incoming undergraduate student is assigned a professional Academic Advisor. Each student’s Academic Advisor reaches out in August to begin the advising conversation about resources, academic planning, course options, and more.

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Stanford Newcomer Guides

Stanford Newcomer Guides (SNGs) are members of our community who volunteer to mentor and support students from the moment they set foot on campus until they declare a major. SNGs welcome students, cultivate a small cohort of 2-8 students who can support and encourage one another, engage in ongoing conversations about the transition to college, connect students to resources and opportunities and help students consider the values of liberal education. Students meet with their SNGs each quarter to check in.

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Department Advisors

A hallmark of undergraduate education at Stanford is the opportunity to work closely with faculty who are actively engaged in research. Once a student has declared a major by the end of their sophomore year, they choose an academic advisor in their chosen field. Department advisors can help students consider their short and long-term academic goals and can help plan a strategy to take the greatest possible advantage of their undergraduate education.

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Pre-Professional Advisors

Students can create a path to professional school that is uniquely their own and allows them to explore opportunities at Stanford. Pre-Professional Advisors are available to help students as they plan for professional school. They can ensure students are aware of their options, the benefits and costs, curricular requirements, extracurricular research and exploration, and timelines.

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Peer Advisors

Many departments have peer advisors, students currently in the major who are trained to answer questions about classes, declaring, opportunities within the major and all sorts of other relevant topics.

Additional Resources & Support

Along with a robust team of mentors and advisors, students also have access to resources and support across the University, including the following:

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