Veterans and ROTC


A Unique Perspective

The Stanford undergraduate population benefits from the wide range of experiences and backgrounds that students bring. Stanford remains one of the most dynamic campuses in the world because of its institutional commitment to diversity.

Veteran applicants add a highly valued voice to the undergraduate community; the life experience that students bring from previous career paths or military service provides a unique perspective in discussion seminars, student groups and campus activities. We select students with varying educational histories, and while we uphold a standard of fine academic preparation and a determined passion for learning, we also look for personal attributes that contribute unique qualities to our already broadly diverse class.

Stanford welcomes applications from and supports students who wish to participate in a Senior Reserve Officer Training Corps (SROTC) program and serve in the military upon graduation. Stanford recognizes that SROTC cadets and midshipmen contribute to critical public and private sector leadership and development by building diverse skill sets through community service, student activities, and professional development opportunities.

To learn more about Stanford ROTC graduates, please read this recent article  celebrating Navy ensigns Lourdes Acosta and Katharina Brown. To find out more about SROTC opportunities in the Stanford community and to explore SROTC scholarship options, please contact the following ROTC unit representatives:

  • Army ROTC – CPT Travis Newman, Santa Clara University, 315-221-0209,
  • Air Force ROTC – CPT Ashley Tasso, San Jose State University, 408-924-2960,
  • Navy ROTC – LT Chase Allvord, Asst. Adj. Professor, UC Berkeley, (510) 643-6345,
Updated on December 19, 2019 3:57 PM