Admission Volunteers (OVAL)

Alumni may serve in all roles listed below. Parents may serve in volunteer roles of college fair representative, regional information session panelist, or admit reception volunteer or host.

Admit Reception Host

Held at the conclusion of the Restrictive Early Action (January/February) and/or Regular Decision (April) cycles, the admit receptions are a celebration for students and their families. In approved locations, hosts identify reception venues (typically in alumni homes), coordinate details for set-up and refreshments, and support associated costs.

Admit Reception Volunteer

Volunteers attend receptions for admitted students in their areas. Duties include meeting, greeting and congratulating admits and their families, sharing information about Stanford, and generally serving as ambassadors.

Alumni Interview Training Host

During September and October interview training workshops are hosted in private homes or workplace conference rooms. Hosts identify workshop venues, coordinate details for set-up and refreshments, and support associated costs.

Alumni Interviewer

Interviewers are assigned to meet with a Stanford applicant for a casual, comfortable conversation. The interviewer's role is twofold: to convey their impressions of the student to the admission committee and to share their Stanford experiences. Stanford alumni who complete a training session are eligible to interview. Graduate alumni may participate—an understanding or willingness to learn about Stanford's unique undergraduate experience is essential. Interviews are conducted between November and February at times convenient for the interviewer. Interviewers of applicants who are admitted are invited to make congratulatory phone calls to those students.

Chapter Leadership Team Member

The OVAL program is coordinated regionally by a volunteer chapter chair and for some chapters a leadership team. Leadership team duties can include: recruiting local OVAL volunteers; coordinating volunteers for receptions, information sessions, congratulatory phone calls and college fairs; organizing and leading volunteer training sessions; and coordinating the local interview program.  

College Fair Representative

Volunteers represent Stanford at college fairs worldwide by answering questions, distributing materials (provided by the Office of Undergraduate Admission), and generally serving as ambassadors for Stanford. OVAL volunteers who have identified a fair work with the admission staff to coordinate details for attendance.

Information Session Panelist

Information session panelists speak at selected regional events. They are invited to share their experiences at Stanford as they pertain to academics, extracurricular activities, athletics, study abroad opportunities, residential education, and student life in general. Panelists are often recent Stanford graduates. Occasionally parents serve as panelists, sharing their Stanford experience with other prospective parents in attendance.

Information Session Volunteer

Volunteers assist admission officers with regional events designed to provide information about Stanford to prospective students and their families. Duties may include: helping prepare a venue; meeting, greeting and checking in participants; mingling and answering questions, and generally serving as regional ambassadors for Stanford.

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