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Below is a listing of the Stanford Admission Officers. Please feel free to contact any admission officer by email with specific questions regarding your region.

For general questions about the admission process, please email or call (650)723-2091. Questions pertaining to international admission should be directed to

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International Areas

Alonzo, Karen
Florida (Central Florida, Broward, Martin, Palm Beach, Dade County, Collier, Henry and Monroe Counties), Pennsylvania
Brown, Dahlton
Alaska, Arizona, Hawaii, Idaho, Montana, North Dakota, New Mexico, Oklahoma, South Dakota, Wyoming
Buckner, Ashley
California (Sacramento)
Casebeer, Jen
California (Central Coast, Marin County, Santa Barbara, West Ventura County), Texas (Dallas/Ft. Worth) France, Portugal, Spain
Chung, Daniel
California (Riverside, Ontario, San Bernadino), Michigan, Ohio
Devlin, Mike
California (San Francisco, Cupertino), Colorado, New York (Bronx, Manhattan)
Fenn, Julianne
California (Far Northern, Valley of the Moon), Connecticut, Maine, New Hampshire, New York (except for the 5 boroughs and Long Island), Rhode Island, Vermont
Habibi, Kimia
Kentucky, Tennessee, Virginia, West Virginia
Hanson, Jennifer
Texas (except Dallas/Fort Worth)
Hashimoto, Kiyoe
Massachusetts Continental Europe (except Spain, France, Portugal)
Lepore, Michelle
Indiana, Nevada, Utah
Lilygren, Katherine
California (Glendale & Pasadena), New Jersey  
Lotze, Philip
California (South Los Angeles, Long Beach) Australia, Caribbean, DOD, Middle East/North Africa, New Zealand, Puerto Rico, Virgin Islands
Madgic, Sarah
California (San Jose, Santa Clara except Palo Alto and Cupertino)
Milani, Kate
North Carolina
Ogundele, Femi
Alabama, Arkansas, California (Oakland, San Diego area), District of Columbia, Delaware, Florida (Panhandle, Crown), Georgia, Illinois, Louisiana, Maryland, Mississippi, Oregon, South Carolina Sub-Saharan Africa
Ong, Valerie
California (Alameda County, San Mateo - except Atherton and Menlo Park) Southeast Asia, Pakistan
Paz Frost, Andrea
California (San Fernando Valley, South Bay, Covina and West Covina)
Pimm, Olivia
California (Contra Costa County), Washington
Powers, Eliza
Iowa, Kansas, Minnesota, Missouri, Nebraska, Wisconsin Hong Kong, Macau, Pacific Islands, Taiwan
Shaw, Richard
California (Atherton, Menlo Park, Palo Alto)  
Shaver, Ben
California (Anaheim, Santa Ana, South Orange County) Canada
Shirvell, James
California (East LA, West LA, Hollywood, Whittier and North Orange County) China, Mongolia, Singapore
Strausman, Michelle
California (Imperial Valley), New York (Long Island, Brooklyn, Queens, Staten Island) India, Japan, Korea
Vega, Isamar
California (Central Valley) Mexico, Latin America, UK, Ireland


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